Culita TARATA,
founding president

“The obstacles encountered along the years related to legislation, financial issues and lack of manpower made us aware and boldly start-up a business in the agricultural field, which turned out to be a real success.

The respect towards work, people, land and animals is the key for the success of this company. The future is made of past and present, through the passion and action outlining an attitude.The human, material and scientific investment is the basis for a permanent development of a company prone to the highest standards.

65% of the products laid on our table are imported, which is unworthy of Romania’s agricultural power. The agricultural sector can save Romania from its present downfall. It is our duty to fight shoulder to shoulder for it. Although there are many farmers facing serious diculties, my advice is never hold back, have an inner satisfaction by the fact that we are struggling for ourselves, for our
families and for those around us.”