Trading company on industrial profile, based on swine breeding. It holds a mixed butchery and a meat processing plant. In the zootechnical field, the main objective is to produce the best swine for slaughtering.

To meet this requirement on the market, high-performance technology is combined with high-performance genetics, associated with an exceptional nutrition program. Intensive swine growth and fattening has made from TCE AGROSUIND a master company in Romania.

Basta Farm

The accommodation capacity of the farm is of 23000-25000 animals for all physiological categories, including for the reproduction sector. The genetics used is PIC breed, of ideal meat content into the
carcass, an effcient resistance and state of health adjusted to our area’s environment.
FNC – Siloz TCE Agrosuind Basta Neamt County, is the latest investment of TCE 3 Brazi Group of companies: the manufacturing assays were launched in January 2015.
The assembly is made of two distinct units operating together with the purpose of reducing production costs.

The Silo

The silo, as cereal reception/ conditioning/ storage unit was conceived to serve, to the greatest extent possible, the raw material needed to FNC (COMBINED FODDER PLANT) and it can also provide services for third parties.
The silo is totally automated, it has a storage capacity of 18.000 cubic meters and it is composed of 8 storage cells and 2 intermediary cells serving the drier provided.
The equipments provided into the silo allow the performance of all operations, from the product
reception up to storage, at a capacity of approximately 60 tons/ hour.


The FNC is a unit provided with equipments manufactured in 2014, able to produce combined
fodder for any species under the form of flour, granules or broken cereals.
The entire production process is automated and electronically controlled, from the raw material
reception stage until delivery of the finished product to the storage bunkers, bulk delivery in means of transport or towards the bag line. The granulation capacity is up to 12 tons/ hour.


The commercial company slaughtered and processe swine, cattle, sheep and goats, and the factory uses in their recipies 100% natural raw material.

The fresh meat is obtained in own slaughterhouse and is seasoned with organic spices. The result of the product is an exquisite taste, appreciated by connoisseurs.


TCE Agrosuind sells through its own retail stores, food ingredients manufactured by the companies. The products are made after established recipes and are dedicated to people proponent of healthy foods.