TCE Mobile Dryers deploys purchase and storage activities related to cereals and technical plants, seed conditioning and treatment

Within the company there are five departments:

  • Department for mobile dryers, operating 10 mobile dryers for cereals and technical plants.
  • Department for Seed Selection-Treatment, operating a mobile selection and treatment unit.
  • Cereal Transportation
  • Dockers team
  • Machineries used in cereal manipulation (belts, front loaders)

All those operations are of a state-of-the-art execution.

The cereals silo has a maximal capacity of 45 thousand tons.

The company operates a modern laboratory endowed with equipment able to perform the analysis of the physical-chemical parameters of the agricultural products.

At the end of the year 2014, a high-performance dryer was purchased from G.S.I., having a drying capacity of 25 tons/hour providing efficient and high-quality drying of cereals.