The Group of Companies is a fully integrated company by activity areas covered: plant, livestock, processing and marketing of cereals and animal products, wood processing, acquisition, packaging and storage of cereals and industrial crops, marketing of products for protection plant, tourism.

The  company past is linked by a passion for agricultural production, the new concept of modern management and team-work.

Now, our company, involving people, manages to continually modernize and invest in increasing soil fertility, growth and selection of animals and animal products in industrialization.

The respect for work, people, land and animals is the key of our success.

The positive results are due primarily to specialists who knew how to protect, maintain and capitalize area in use.

The activity is the agricultural production, resulted in the development of grain production level of excellence by applying the latest technology, using machinery and modern methods, efficient and effective.

Make the necessary inputs that are part of group companies: fertilizer, seeds, fuel, spare parts and agricultural machinery.

Based on the concept of integrating the production, TCE 3 Brazi Business Group SA launches to marketing through its own retail stores, food manufactured by member companies of the Group specializing in products intended for public consumption of healthy foods obtained Romanian recipes using established tradition.

Our company: