Trading company on zootechnical and industrial profile specialised in milk and meat ovine breeding, in harvesting, manufacturing and commercialization of frozen MSC, processing and commercialization of milk products through its own plant (factory).

The milk and meat cattle farm, as well as the fattening facility for bullocks are foreground within the company. The professionalism and passion evidenced by our specialists led to the classification of the farm as one of the most productive and modern zootechnical farm in Moldova region.

TCE BOVISELECT’s portfolio comprises a milk processing factory (the milk is procured from its own production), of a processing capacity of 5.000 litres/ 8 hours.


Structured by four zootechnical sectors:

  • The milk cattle farm, having an average number of 700 heads, the majority breed being Red Holstein, then Baltata Romaneasca, Bruna Romaneasca, Jersey;
  • The meat cattle farm, having an average number of 400 heads, specialized in breeding and fatting bovine, mainly of the breeds Aberdeen Angus as well as Simmental and Limousine.
  • Fatting unit for taurine youth numbering approximately 750 heads
  • The ovine farm contains 2500 animals of a valuable genetic background of the following breeds: Turcana alba, Merinos, Carabasa de Teleorman, Karakul, Ile de France, Suffolk.
    At present, the specialists’ efforts are focused on cross-breeding of the current number of ovine species for meat procurement purposes by making use of selection pressure through meat breed males. To this regard, a nucleus of neat meat was purchased in 250 male and female Ile de France species.


It is the only MSC reproduction and processing centre that operates in the eastern part of Romania, authorized by the European Union, in partnership with German Genetics International, a German company providing the cattle breeders from more than 70 countries in the world the access to an entire range of German different and reliable programs allotted for animal breeding.

SEMTEST produces MSC from meat cattle of the following species: Aberdeen Angus, Simmental,
Charolaise, Limousine, Wagy, Sura de stepa (Steep Grey) and the bull portfolio shall increase with Albastru Belgian (Belgian Blue breed).

Semtest Centre has MSC storage compartment from milk breeds – Holstein in collaboration with GGI and MSC storage compartment for mixed breeds such as Flechvit, Bruna de Maramures (Maramures Brown), in collaboration with valuable breeders from Austria and Germany.


  • This is an under-unit of the company processing the milk from our own production.
  • It sells cheese and dairy products manufactured by traditional Romanian receipts and distributed on the local market.